Jansen-Systems offers a variaty of services to cover your needs for a clean and running IT infrastructure. We develop custom software to support your special business processes the most effective way and help you to choose the best technique available on the market.

The following (non-exhaustive) list shall give you on overview over the possible services:

  • Custom software development. We create the software you really need implement the functions as they are needed for your special business rules and processes.
  • Administration of Linux-based servers to get the most out of your hard- and software in a secure and cost-efficient way.
  • IUCLID 5 training and administration. We support your team in the usage and administration of the IUCLID 5 installation.
  • IUCLID 5 hosting. We host your installation of IUCLID 5 and provide easy access via internet so that you can completely skip the administration part and just do the work where you are the expert.
  • Datamigration. You need to convert SAP Export files for use in a different database? Please contact us.